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COMM 3590 Unit 7 AS: Sales Presentation


COMM 3590 Unit 7 AS: Sales Presentation

Select a product or service and present a 5-7 minute presentation asking your audience to purchase that product or service. Choose a product or service that your audience is “qualified” to purchase. The presentation should use visual aids and appropriate persuasive strategies to convince the audience. Three references and a works cited are required.

Just like with your technical presentation you are responsible for gathering your own audience (minimum 8 adults), filming your speech, and uploading it for grading.

Sample paper

Sales Presentation

Did you know that the fast-casual dining concept is the fastest growing segment in the food industry? The fast casual is an emerging dining concept that falls between fast food outlets and the casual or traditional restaurants. According to the QSR Magazine, the average foodservice sales increased by 0.4% between 2014 and 2015 (1). The largest share of this growth is attributed to the fast casual segment, which recorded a 10.4 percent growth in the same period. The high growth in the fast casual segment represents a shift in consumers’ dining preferences. Having worked in the fast food restaurant, I have confidence to say that the fast casual concept is likely to take over the foodservice market in the next five years. My name is sss and I will tell you why most consumers are shifting preferences in favor of the fast casual restaurants.

What is the problem you are solving?

Dining in fast food restaurants has become increasingly common due to the convenience, taste, and affordability of food. However, health concerns have emerged over the quality of food served at fast food restaurants and its contribution to the obesity menace in not only the U.S. but in other parts of the world. According to Marlatt et al, fast food consumption increases the risk of higher body fat, insulin resistance, glucose levels, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, and triglycerides (49). These elements have negative impacts on the health of individuals. Another study by Burgoine et al. concluded that there was a combined effect of fast food outlets availability and the level of education on consumption of fast foods, which contributes to higher levels of obesity and other lifestyle diseases (1547). On the other hand, majority of consumers are unable to take meals regularly from the casual restaurants due to cost concerns and convenience.

How does your product or service solve the problem?

Fast casual restaurants help in eliminating the problems eminent in the fast food restaurants and those in casual restaurants. Fast casual restaurants have better menu offerings in terms of the quality of food. These restaurants are characterized by use of fresh ingredients, customized foods, and low-fat menus (Trefis Team, 2014). This will help in meeting the current health needs of the population by providing healthier menu offerings. Fast food restaurants offer highly processed foods to customers and that are prepared using standardized procedures. Consumption of highly processed foods increases the risk of obesity and other lifestyle diseases. The fast casual restaurant will provide convenience and affordability. Prices will also be consumer friendly at an average $7.5 per meal.

What is your business plan?

How much does it cost?

Average price for meals in fast food restaurants is $3 to $6, while that in fast casual restaurants is $7.5 (Trefis Team, 2014). Casual restaurants charge highest prices, minimum cost of a meal being $13. As earlier mentioned, the fast casual is between the fast food outlets and the casual restaurants. The charges for food are moderate, reflecting the higher quality of foods served in fast casual restaurants. Consumers will be willing to pay slightly higher than in fast food restaurants due to improved quality of food. The total cost of putting up the business will amount to about $250,000.

Who is your audience?

The target market is youths enrolled in college and those who are in employment. The fast casual dining concept is more popular among the youth who are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to take healthier meals. The restaurant will appeal to youths in the medium income bracket. The fast casual restaurant will be located in a busy intersection to maximize on both walk in customers and orders from businesses and employees working in various enterprises. The suitable location will be a busy street where there are many businesses. This will help in targeting those in the middle-income bracket.

How do you plan to grow?

The primary method of expansion will be through franchising. Franchising is a business concept whereby the owner of a business (franchisor) gives another party (the franchisee) the right to a tradename and production process for a fee. The franchisee must meet the specifications set out by the franchisor. The major benefit of expanding through franchising is the low capital involved. The franchisees use their own capital to develop their businesses. Expanding through franchising gives a higher return on investment since there is less capital involved. In addition, the franchisees are likely to work hard to ensure the business succeeds since they risk their own capital by starting a franchise.

Do you want to keep the business for yourself or sell it to a bigger company?

It is my hope to keep and expand the business in future. The business will start as a single store and later expand using a franchise model. Franchising will allow me to retain much control of how the business runs and expand easily into new locations.

Will you advertise?

It is important to consider placing advertisements in order to create awareness of the existence of the business. The form of advertising that is most suitable for the restaurant is geo-fencing. Geo-fencing is a new form of advertising that uses GPS technology to reach customers. Geo-fencing enables the user to trigger certain promotional messages on potential customers’ phone when they come within a certain radius (Constine, 2017). For instance, one can use a smartphone to trigger certain promotional messages on potential customers’ smartphones through social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, which already provide geofilters to those who want to advertise.

In what places? Be realistic

Advertising will be specifically on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Relatively younger people, who are also the main target of the business, utilize these social media platforms. Advertising through the social media will be cost effective compared to advertising using traditional forms of communication such as the mass media. Since the business will serve a particular geographical niche, advertising on social media using geo-fencing will allow targeting of customers within a specific radius.


The new casual restaurant will provide healthy menu offerings to customers and at an affordable price. I would like to encourage you to sample the foods we are offering because they are fresh and quality menu offerings. Feel free to give use feedback about your experience at our new outlet.

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COMM 3590 Unit 5 AS: Technical Presentation

COMM 3590 Unit 5 AS: Technical Presentation


COMM 3590 Unit 5 AS: Technical Presentation

AS1 Instructions: You are to develop a technical presentation that helps the audience understand a complicated concept or process. While many informative presentations are demonstrations (where the speaker explains how to do something), or accounts (where the speaker explains why something is the way it is), the technical speech is more varied and more complex.

Specifically, your speech should focus on helping people understand: a) what something means (a difficult concept), b) how something functions (difficult structures or processes), or, c) some combination of the two.

A technical presentation focuses a lot of effort on a small, but complicated, point rather than covering a larger idea more broadly. If you’re not sure whether your topic constitutes a true technical presentation, check with your instructor prior to beginning your research.

Sample paper



Stress is experienced when we perceive things as threatening when we do not believe we have what is necessary to withstand situations or what circumstances demand.
Stress can be internal or external.
Internal cognition that makes a person have fear or other negative emotions surrounding an environment such as pain and pressure which they may then perceive as stressful.
Common causes of stress include bereavement, family problems, accidents and tiresome work schedules.


Stress can be managed using various methods.
They include techniques such as avoiding people who stress you out, taking control of your environment, speaking out instead of holding stress to yourself, creating a balanced schedule and expressing your feelings instead of holding them the up.
Other proven techniques of managing stress is cognitive e therapy. This therapy involves the individual working collaboratively with therapists to develop skills for testing and modifying beliefs, identifying distorted thinking ,relating to others in different ways and changing behaviors.
Relaxation techniques are often also employed as a stress management tool. They help decrease muscle tension, lower the blood pressure and slow heart and breath rates among other benefits.


Symptoms of stress can be divided into various categories. They include; behavioral, psychological, emotional and physical.
Psychological symptoms of stress are boredom, tension, anxiety, depression, insecurity, powerlessness, isolation and meaninglessness.
In boredom repetitive work such as assembly work or many forms of administration can be immense source of boredom .Lack of variety fails to stimulate the mind and boredom and fatigue sets in.
Anxiety occurs when a person feels not being able to cope with potential problems. These problems may or ,may not arise but they feel real to the anxious person.
Depression is when an individual experiences prolonged feelings of helplessness and hopelessness .They are unhappy with their life but feel they are incapable of improving things.


In the response to stress, the level of various hormones changes .Reactions to stress are associated with enhanced secretion of a number of hormones .
They include glucocorticoids ,catecholamine ,growth hormone and prolactin ,the effect is to increase mobilization of energy sources and adapt the individual to its new circumstances.
Cortisol is another hormone which inhibits or aggravates stress levels. Stress hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine are released in a quick burst.
They quickly dissipate after the stressful situation is over and don’t hang around to do damage. This is followed by the release of cortisol. Continuous production of cortisol has serious health implications.
Chronically elevated cortisol puts you at risk of diabetes ,high blood pressure, obesity ,heart disease, digestive disorders and infertility(Davidson,2001).


There are numerous emotional and physical effects that have been linked to stress.
Emotional effects include depression, anxiety ,heart attacks ,strokes ,immune system disturbances and hypertension.
In addition, stress can have direct effects on the skin(dermatitis and rashes), peptic ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome.
It can also contribute to insomnia and degenerative neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.
Physical effects include a variety of physical symptoms
Stressed people may experience unexplained aches and pains, chest pains or difficulty in breathing.
Cognitive effects affects the way an individual reasons, or responds to situations and may also lead to sleeping problems. Difficulty with judgment and reasoning can also lead to failing to make correct decisions which can lead to loss of self confidence.


Stress begins in the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis(HPA).When your brain detects a stressful situation.
When your brain detects a stressful situation, your HPA axis is instantly activated and releases the hormone cortisol which makes your body instantly react.
High levels of cortisol over long periods of time may damage your brain.
Chronic stress for example increases the activity level and number of neural connections in the amygdala, the brain’s fear center.
As levels of cortisol rise, electric signals in the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with learning ,memories and stress control deteriorate.
The hippocampus also inhibits the activity of the HPA axis ,so when it weakens, the ability to control your stress also weakens. Cortisol can also literally cause the brain to shrink in size.


Work is the leading cause of stress among our population followed by finances and most recently modern concerns like terrorism and the state of the environment.
Young people are excessively stressed out these days .”Self-oriented “ or having high expectations of yourself and where young people have rigorous standards for others are the leading causes of stress(Bickerstaff,2007).
Stress of perfectionism can lead to eating disorders ,high blood pressure , suicidal thoughts )and depression.
It has also emerged that a mother’s stress levels directly impact to the brain development of babies. Specifically that her stress can change the neural connectivity of her unborn baby’s brain(Wheeler,2007).


Stress often occurs in response to situations that are perceived as being difficult to handle or threatening.
Each person suffers stress differently. A healthy response to stress begins quickly ; is appropriate in degree and in length and can improve motivation and productivity.
Chronic stress is a serious condition which occurs when a stressful situation is prolonged and continuous and often causes severe physical and emotional symptoms.
Some people are more prone to stress and the effects of stress include over-competitiveness, excitability, impatience, aggression and pessimism.
Stress management is an important technique is reducing stress levels in humans for sustainable brain developments.

Surrealism and philosophy-Advertising

Surrealism is a cultural interest group that started in the 1920’ is well-known for the writings and visual artworks of the group members. The surrealist writers and artists express their philosophical movements using artifacts. Its leader is Andre Breton, who affirmed that it was the most dominant revolutionary movement .it developed out of Dadaism during the First World War. It changed the way art was defined by combining elements of its predecessors-Dadaism. From then it spread throughout the world, in time affecting the languages, literature, music, and film, political, social and philosophical theory.

Dadaism laid the foundation for surrealism. It believed that rational thought and values played a major role in world conflict. Both dada and surrealism were disappointed with the Western emphasis on logic and reason. They affirmed their disgust with the war and life as a whole. Breton came up with something better out of Dada’s irrational activities thereby binding up with the Sigmund Feud’s psychoanalytic theories.

Using unconventional methods such as frottage and automatism, the surrealists such as Man Ray, Salvador Dali and Max Ernst, tried to tap into the delusion of visualizing its mystery and secrets and subconscious mind.

In 1924, Breton wrote a manifesto ‘surrealist manifesto’, which defines the aims of the group. The manifesto described how he wanted to coalesce the conscious and the subconscious into new absolute reality. This comprised of surrealist works, the credentials of the influences on surrealism, and discussion of surrealist automatism. According to Martin Jay, surrealists were often regarded as the starriest eyed exponents of visionary redemption. He quoted Andre Breton “I have discarded clarity as worthless. Working in darkness, I have discovered lightning” and Georges Bataille, “it is time to abandon the world of the civilized and its light”.

The character of dada and surrealism provides a depth understanding to psychoanalytic theory and gives a careful analysis to surrealism. During the 19th and early 20th century, the widespread developments that were taking place in science, philosophy, and mathematics, had a significant impact on how people understood the nature of the mind and its hold on reality. The dada and surrealist movements developed the psychoanalytic approaches during that period as they had seen their approach changing.



Surrealism continued with their movement, meeting up in cafes where they discussed surrealism theories, played joint drawing games and developed various techniques such as automatic drawing .the broad idea of surrealism is non-conformity .its most basic principle is pure psychic automatism.

Surrealists embraced Sigmund Freud’s ideas which they incorporated in their artwork. He said “A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not opened”. In spite of Freud inspiring most of the surrealists, different interpretations of his ideas gave rise to different types of Veristic surrealists and automatists surrealists. The automatists were less analytical and focused more on sensitivity. They believed the images of the subconscious automatically reached the conscious. They however believed the images had no meaning nor had to be interpreted.

On the other hand, the Veristic surrealists believed the conscious images had a meaning .they also believed that the subconscious world was in the form of the image. Freud also believed both the conscious and unconscious states were in the human mind. Through dreams, the mind works in an unconscious way, holding onto instincts and reserved memories that have over time been hidden. This idea of dreams was very significant on surrealists. They used this idea to explore creativity in the unconscious mind.

To get the surreal art ideas, there has to be a combination of the object and a living object. For instance, a chair and a cat, this provides an inquisitive effect, in that things that have never been a live though unexpectedly are.

Two or more living objects can be merged, coming up with a surreal creation. For instance, one can combine a humane eye, cow’s hooves and a sparrow’s beak. Combining a living object with a landscape can also create a surreal effect. This personification can be fun and quirky.

Combining a landscape with a mechanical or a technological element. All these communications propose a relationship to organic or biological forms found in nature although they do not look like a naturalistic or a realistic imitation of anything in the existent world. This is referred to as biomirphism.

Surrealism has offered the contemporary avant-garde various things such as an assortment from the unconscious reality. The interest in Freud emphasized on metaphor, collective experience, myth, fetishism and comprehension. It has exposed the unified avant-garde of the artists .it has as well brought the idea of non-linear creation and non-linear thought as being significant to be.

The death of Andre Breton in 1966 marked the end of surrealism as a revolutionary movement. Since 1960’s, Europe and other parts of the world, artists have amalgamated surrealism with mischtechnik, a16th century technique. Surrealism has impacted many fields. Its ideas grounded on the thoughts of Marx, Freud and Hegel is used to date. They believe that the non-western cultures strike a balance between imagination and instrumental reasoning, providing an inspiration for the surrealist activities.

Surrealism has been greatly critiqued over time. For instance, the feminists have claimed that more of a male comradeship and movement, in spite of few renowned female surrealist poets and painters. They think it has adopted ancient approaches towards women, for instance worshipping those symbolically using sexist norms and stereotypes.

The Freud started a psychoanalytic critique of surrealism, stating that what interested him about surrealism was their conscious but not the unconscious. He argued that the psychic automatism affirmed by surrealism as liberation of the unconscious was structured by egocentrism, just as the actions of the dream censorship in dreams. It was a mistake therefore to regard surrealist works of the unconscious, when they were created and developed by ego.

Despite the situationists being the surrealist themselves, some critiqued the movement. This could be viewed as a surrealist praxis break and continuance.

In modern day, surrealism has proved to be the most significant artistic and literary movement .it has changed the legacy and as well as the intellectual legacy of today. It is evident in the way writers, advertising agencies, artists and film-makers, keep on exploring and exploiting the subjective inner world that surrealism made efforts to reveal. They continue to shape our perception of the world and our role in it. Surrealists look at all aspects of the art comprehensively.

The surreal today adopts a similar manner of speech. The world summons up the ideas of the disorientation and the disjoint less, weird and wonderful, unfamiliar and inexplicable worlds in which objects metamorphose into living things. These images tune in with the world of dreams and nightmares that emanate more from our imaginations than in sculptures, drawings, and paintings made by the artists who worked mainly during the first and the Second World War.

The essential surrealists look at the works of the surrealists in every aspect, from the early artistic influence to the modern works.

Surrealism was the genesis to a style of art that the world had never witnessed before. Ancient techniques were used to paint as well as interpret messages of the subconscious and dream world. The techniques conveyed metaphor and meaning to their work. Even though at first this approach and technique was highly critiqued, it was eventually accepted and made way for other expressive forms of art.

Ades, D., Arts Council of Great Britain., & Hayward Gallery. (1978). Dada and surrealism reviewed. London: Arts Council of Gre