Surrealism and philosophy-Advertising

Surrealism is a cultural interest group that started in the 1920’ is well-known for the writings and visual artworks of the group members. The surrealist writers and artists express their philosophical movements using artifacts. Its leader is Andre Breton, who affirmed that it was the most dominant revolutionary movement .it developed out of Dadaism during the First World War. It changed the way art was defined by combining elements of its predecessors-Dadaism. From then it spread throughout the world, in time affecting the languages, literature, music, and film, political, social and philosophical theory. Dadaism laid the foundation for surrealism. It believed that rational thought and values played a major role in world conflict. Both dada and surrealism were disappointed with the Western emphasis on logic and reason. They affirmed their disgust with the war and life as a whole. Breton came up with something better out of Dada’s irrational activities thereby binding up with the Sigmund Feud’s psychoanalytic theories. Using unconventional methods...
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