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Family Friendly Partnership at Heritage Elementary


Being one of the institutions that aim at helping our children achieve their dreams and become useful individuals in the society, the Georgia family-friendly partnership school recognizes the efforts of both the parents and the community to make it a better place for learning. The school administration is striving to increase the competition and probability of obtaining positive and favorable results by awarding the best performers in various fields. It is worth noting that all teacher and non-teaching staffs are dedicated to seeing to these children have the best learning environment as well as getting the best assistance as possible. However, the school would like to encourage the cooperation between the institution, parents and the community at large.

Welcoming All Families

The school recognizes the significant role played by all parents and their active participation in all school affairs. As a result, the school is dedicated to ensuring that the parents feel appreciated, valued and connected with the school through attending to their needs and requests as well as giving them the opportunity to interact with both teaching and non-teaching staff. Nevertheless, the school is always clean and attractive to appeal to individuals as well as the community at large.

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Communicating Effectively

Communication is the key to a successful school, and thus, it is the duty of the management of the school to ensure that parents get information as intended by the school on time and in the right manner. As a result, the school has implemented a text message system and other social media platforms to contact parents and clarify issues in case of questions.

Supporting Student Success

The school management is well aware of the benefits that can be derived from the collaboration between the parents and the school. The parents have the responsibility of supporting their children at home while the teachers should support the students at the school. However, the support should not only be based on academics, but should also focus on other aspects of life such as health and relationship with others.

Speaking Up for Every Child

The school recognizes the importance of equality for all students and strives to minimize cases of discrimination by making sure that resources are available to all students. However, the management always encourages both the parents and students to report and cases of victimization and discrimination to the administration. The school is dedicated to ensuring both the students and non-teaching staffs are happy with the school environment.

Sharing Power

The school administration has ensured that there is equality when it comes to decision making concerning school policies since all the staffs are affected by these policies. Each member of the school has a part to play in the attempt to get the best out of the students.

Collaborating With the Community

Community plays a paramount role as they help to shape the life of the students both academically and morally considering that the community gives the students a platform to experiment and apply whatever they learn in school. Thus, community institution such as churches and local businesses are very important to the school.


The school recognizes the fact that there is no school without parents and as a result, they try to bring together, the parent, the community, the students and the school in the attempt of getting the best out of the students. The school has the best interest of the students at heart.


Accountability and Leaders

Faith Journey intersection and Collegiate goals


Describe in 300_500 words the intersection of your faith journey with your collegiate goals.

Sample paper

Faith Journey intersection and Collegiate goals

Considering that man is a spiritual and social being, religion and faith become very important in their lives. Irrespective of their religion and faith, any human being is keen to uphold all the rules and regulations of a particular religion as well as respect and honor all the practices. In most occasions, any living human being would seek to integrate what he or she learns from the Bible as well as their faith in most of their daily practice.  This assignment will attempt to show the intersection of my faith journey with my collegiate goals for the University.

Being a youth and aged 19 years old, I would say that I have a long journey ahead of me both spiritually and academically. However, I would say that’s choosing Christianity and being a strict follower of the seventh day Adventist, the member is the best thing has ever happened to me. Religion and faith in their own way help to keep in check the morality of a person as well as the ability to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. In additional, through faith, I believe I will go to make it and achieve my academic goals of becoming a professor, primarily because the Bible says that faith can move mountains and what we believe in truth and spirit we are going to achieve. It is correct to say that we can all have goals, but God gives us the energy and wisdom as well as protection from all dangers to achieve these goals.  As a result, the Bible teaches me how to honor and pray to God so that He can help me achieve my goals basically because nothing is impossible without faith and God. Faith and religion are the background of all good deeds and helps to keep all evil away while at the same time giving motivation in my academics.

How to get work experience to work for you


I need two supplemental questions answered. The assignment is as follows. Pretend that you are applying for this job. You do not meet the minimum qualifications (Bachelor?s degree, but have a combination of schooling and experience that qualify you for the position. Apply for the job and explain in the supplemental questions how your education and experience would make you a great candidate for this position.
I have attached a resume of education and work experience along with the job description that was given. The supplemental questions are in the fake job description. I need to get hired for the ?job? in order to get a good grade.

Sample paper

How to get work experience to work for you

Answers to Supplemental questions

Please list and describe the skills/techniques you’ve acquired through your education/experience that you believe will help you successfully manage a large caseload of clients and periodic policy and practice change

Throughout my career path I have learned to be a team leader, and responsible for directing others efficiently.  Working as a human resource specialist at the United States Army, I was in charge of monitoring employees and providing useful guidance to ensure maximum output from every individual. This also helped me gain coaching skills, especially when there was a new system that was to be adopted and the employees were having difficulties adapting to the changes I would come in and assist effectively in ensuring a smooth transition.

I have learned to be people oriented throughout my profession since I largely interact with personalities. My main focus while working with people is to provide a conducive environment for everyone to exercise their capabilities without limitation. It is a skill that I gained while working as a team leader with the United States Army, where I could organize and ensure that my team members delivered efficiently. In the same position, I also learned to be consistent with my decisions precisely when it comes to giving recommendations for promotional and dismissal purposes.

I am a versatile and determined person; I have the capability to switch from one position to another without facing any significant challenges. I was able to change my work position from the helicopter crew chief to the post of the human resource specialist working with the United States Army, under which I delivered to the expectations. Hard work is a skill that will always propel one to success and knowing this quite well I could not give a chance to slumber as a student which helped me achieve an Associates of Arts in Criminal Justice, and am focused towards achieving even greater heights. I believe I have the required skills that are well in in line with working with a high number of clients, and still open to learning to deliver the best better.

Please describe your current and past professional-level experience working with human service programs that address the needs of families and/or children from diverse racial and ethnic populations.

Working as a front desk clerk at Comfort Inn, I understood the scope of my responsibility incisively and the impact they would have on the image of the institution. We would receive guests in varying numbers, due to fluctuations in the visit during the peaks season, which comes during the holidays. My courteous and friendly welcoming to the new and the frequent guest made our establishment record an increase in visits by 20% by the end of the first year working at the position. Most visits were families who would check in for holidays, or those on trips to different destinations. We also received customers from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity some which needed the presence of a person to help with translation, which was amicably handled since my target was always to provide the best to my clients.

The plight of every family depends on the capability to have the providers of various families to render adequate care. As a human resource specialist with the United States Army, I had the responsibility to ensure that all the employees’ families were considered during any decisions making about the workers. Much of these included making appropriate packages that would cover the families and the extended families at large. We also provided education and health packages for various employees. This is my brief professional interactions with children and families, but I believe I can explore further and achieve more given an opportunity.


Accountability and Leaders

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Club-Application Essay


Describe how you will support and model the mission and values of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch.

Sample paper

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Club

A mission statement of an organization is composed with the aim of communicating to both the members of the organization and the general public, the purpose of the organization. The mission statement is usually short and related to what the organization is specialized in. The Yellowstone boys and girls club is aimed at helping young people prepare for their lives ahead which explains the club’s mission statement. A mission statement needs the support of the members of an organization if it is to be implemented to the latter.

As a member of the Yellowstone boys and girls club, I have a responsibility of supporting the club’s mission both within and outside the club. Yellowstone club is dedicated to helping the young people prepare for life as adults. Since there are a lot of challenges that face the youth, they need people who can guide them on how to lead their youthful years responsibly in order to have a bright future. Youths can be prepared for life as adults through engaging them in training programs that can help them explore their skills and identify their career paths. Taking youths off the streets and training them can be a great way of showing support for the club’s mission.

The clubs values such as hope, faith and integrity should be modeled by all the club’s members. As a member of the club, I can model these values by showing commitment to my fellow members by giving my support in club activities and showing up to any club-related activities. I should show integrity in all my actions by using the club’s resources for the right purposes and caring for others even when I have my own issues. Putting others first before ourselves is not common among people but doing that shows we care to fulfill a greater good that is bigger than us.

Accountability and Leaders

Accountability and Leaders

Accountability and Leaders


This paper answers the following questions

what is accountability?

how to be accountable?

who is accountable for accountability?

what happens if a leader loses accountability

Sample paper

Accountability and Leaders

A sense of accountability in leadership demonstrates leaders’ high ability to be responsible and committed to the set goals and objectives in an organization, team or group. Accountability in leadership refers to recognized responsibilities for policies made, decision made, judgments, actions taken and products produced or purchased. Accountability plays a great role in building trust between the leader and the followers or leaders and stakeholders in any organization. It is therefore highly important for any leader to show a high sense of accountability to be able to gain respect and trust to those looking upon them for fulfillment of group or organizational goals and objectives.

What is Accountability?

Accountability refers to the element of being responsible for own action and being able to offer a convincing reason for it. Accountability is the duty of a person to account for its action, accept responsibility for them or their consequences, and to provide the result of their action in a transparent way. Accountability happens when there is a relation where a body or individual, and the performance of functions or tasks by that body or individual, are answerable to another’s direction, oversight or request to give justification for their conduct or information. Accountability concept thus engages two different stages that include enforcement and answerability. Accountability guarantees that decisions and actions taken by obligated individuals such as supervisors or managers are subjected to scrutiny so as to ensure that organization initiatives meet their define objectives and responds to the stakeholders needs that they are  meant to address, thus contributing to better performance and success in operations (World Bank group, n.d.). Accountability process ensures that an organization is committed to answer to stakeholders and balance the stakeholders’ needs in it decision-making activities and processes, and delivers over this commitment.

How to be Accountable

One way that individual can be accountable is by accepting responsibility or liability to their actions. Accepting responsibilities means being ready to take a role assigned to him or her and offering all their skill and knowledge to acquire the best results. Being liable means that a person assigned to a certain role accepts taking blames if anything goes wrong and suffering the consequences of own action. One can also be accountable by being answerable to their results. Meaning one can justify the results obtained from a decision or action taken by that individual or a group the individuals he or she was supposed to guide or direct. This may involve use of data to justify events or outcomes. One can also be accountable by owning their mistakes.

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This involves accepting their mistakes and taking measures to correct them or being ready to suffer the consequences of their mistakes (World Bank group, n.d.). In most cases, there are rules that define what will transpire if something happens or expectations when one is assigned to a certain task. For instance, in an organization, there are laws that govern people actions and consequences to be suffered if one fails to abide by these laws. In this case, one should embrace his or her mistakes and go through the punishment defined for failing to adhere to the set rules and regulations. In addition, most groups have rules and procedures set to handle different tasks or operations. One can be accountable by showing or justifying that the rules were followed, explaining the problems encountered, how they were solved and why they were solved in that manner. This will give a convincing respond that demonstrates a sense of responsibility and high level of commitment to their assignment (SGT Lazo, n.d.).

Who is Accountable for Accountability?

Who is accountable for accountability, normally depends on the referred organization or body and individual level of operation. For instance, an elected government is accountable to its citizens for any action, decision or policy defined by its officers or party. Junior government officers are accountable to senior officers for any action they take or decision they make. Senior officers are accountable for the actions of their junior officers who they supervise. An organization is accountable to its stakeholders, especially investors and customers for any decision made, practice or actions any of its employee is engaged in. In addition, every worker in an organization is accountable for his or her own action. However, Supervisors are accountable for action of the group they supervise. In army each officer is accountable for his or her own action. However, those assigned team or group to lead such as sergeants are accountable for the action of officers they manage or their junior officers (SGT Lazo, n.d.). Accountable for accountability, thus depends on the set hierarchy and the role one is giver over another person, team or group of people in an organization.

What Happens if a Leader Losses Accountability?

A good leader knows that accountability creates trust. When one is accountable other people trust his or her capabilities as a leader. However, when a leader losses accountability, then trust is lost. This implies that no one can entrust that leader with any responsibility. Consequently, a person ends up losing his or her position as a leader.


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