An App for the Future

Question Post a brief essay describing an app you would design for the future. What would you name it? What is the functionality? Who is the target audience? These are three key points which should be reflected in your essay. Feel free to add any links, images, sketches, or details that really bring your vision to life for your reader. Answer An App for the Future [embeddoc url="" viewer="microsoft"] Technology is rapidly evolving in the modern world, with virtually new applications and tech-survey gadgets being developed on daily basis. An app that I would design in the future pertains to improving the security of various modern-day gadgets. The app involves ocular scanning, and the integration of the technology into everyday use. For instance, it would be interesting to integrate ocular scanning in car security technology. I would name this app as “Ocusecurity.” Ocular scanning is already a technology in place, but in use for other purposes especially in medicine. Ocular scanning is a biometric technique that takes into perspective...
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