How did revolutionary leaders convince common folk to fight against the British paper

Question Organization is imperative:  Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.  All paragraphs must be connected with a transitional line to ensure continuity throughout your essay.Length: Please keep to the three (3) paragraph format. Provide a critical analysis on how the revolutionary leaders convinced the lower class Americans (peasants, farmers, laborers, etc.) to join the armed struggle against England. In other words, poor people had absolutely nothing to fight for; they did not own property, could not vote, and the revolutionary leaders were not promising them a new social order, hence, why rebel if  "Tyranny is Tyranny?" In short, the revolutionary leaders consciously "manufactured consent" among the lower class to join the revolution. Please analyze this process.  Again, do not discuss any tax issue or representation issue or any other issue that suggests that the colonist were "oppressed" and then they decided to rebel.  This is NOT a discussion on how the colonist were "oppressed" or their steps towards independence. The discussion must revolve around...
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