Unit 6: Project Management

Click on the Journal Tab at the top of the page to add your first entry. Begin your post with the label: Unit 6: Project Management. Research the following topics related to Project Management: Gantt Chart Project Controls Project Planning Risk WBS Select three of the topics listed and compose three paragraphs describing the topics, one paragraph per selected topic, based on the course material and additional research you conduct online.   Unit 6: Project Management Name Institutional Affiliation   Gantt chart A Gantt chart is used in project management to give details about a project schedule. Gantt charts enable project managers to easily illustrate project schedule information through itemizing the project activities on one side and the important dates such as the starting and finishing dates on another side and in a calendar format (Taylor, 2008). Gantt charts enable project managers to see the planned and completed work on a project, or the actual progress of the work. In Gantt charts, time is depicted on the horizontal axis while...
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Project Management
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