Case Review – Creating an Alternative & Motivating Performance Appraisal

Question Description: After carefully reading Case #7 “A Performance Appraisal Snafu” (Snell, 2013, p.750-753), students will be required to review the case and develop an alternative Appraisal Form (and an entirely new evaluation system if they choose).  Cases will be broken into several parts, all which will revolve around the “What, Why and How?” of the case (e.g. the paper will develop the what (position statement), why (the argument) and how (the student’s action plan and proposed Appraisal Form/System). Embedded within the “what, why and how?” aspects of the paper will be: A detailed overview of the “role of human capital” in the case, specifically addressing the shortfalls of the current system; A detailed overview of the role of “compensation” (e.g. current policies and procedures) and details on why the current system does not motivate employees; A proposed NEW performance appraisal form (or a completely new form and accompanying motivational system); and A professional and articulate tone throughout Answer Case Review – Creating an...
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