Intranet project and Self-service portal system for Dingwow Inc.

Intranet project and Self-service portal system for Dingwow Inc. Business goals and project goals There are a number of business goals associated with the project. First, the self-service portal aims at enabling users to combine data from a variety of sources into a configurable and highly flexible interface. Second, the self-service portal will provide customizable and self-sufficient IT solution that will bring more benefits to the company. The major business goal will be to cut down the costs of running the business or administrative costs. Another benefit is streamlining common processes in the organization which will enhance smooth workflow between departments and various branches nationwide. As such, sharing of information between departments and branches in different geographical locations will be much easier. The self-service portal solution is tailored to meet the needs of both large and medium organizations (Meyler & Bengtsson, 2015). Other goals include centralization of service requests for internal services, built-in customizable routing, form data capture from various processors...
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