Celebrity Fashioning Gender


Please select a designer or style icon known for their gender-bending fashion and explore their personal and professional histories and fashion history impact in more detail.

Here are some names for your consideration: designers Rudi Gernreich, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Rad Hourani; models Grace Jones, André J., and Andreja Pejic; and artists Boy George and Cindy Sherman.

You may also explore the rich history of gender-bending in film and television. Please  include up to five images.


Celebrity Fashioning Gender

George Alan O’Dowd, who goes by the professional name ‘Boy George,’ has been a significant fashion icon due to his androgynous and flamboyant sense of fashion and style. Boy, George has always caught the attention of his fans due to his boldness and charisma in choosing bright colors for his attire as well as wearing makeup and fake hair. In a majority of his photo shoots, he demonstrates his passion for unique fashion style, which he does by owning his looks. George pulls out interesting postures that describe his bold and exploring personality, which amuses many of his fans. Boy, George is one of the few artists that glaze the stage demonstrating a particular level of gender bending which he claims that does not necessarily show his gender fluidity, but rather a manner of showing his outrageous personality (Longhtetti, 2016). The artist has a tendency of incorporating colors into his wardrobe whether in casual or official look. Similarly, a majority of his pictures show his love for perfection not only in his clothes but also on his skin and hair that he wears in different colors and styles.

Fig. 1.1 George in a black blazer  Fig 1.2 Georges’ color blending  Fig 1.3 George’s smoky eyes

& colorful buttons and a bowler


The 55-year-old, artist has influenced the fashion industry by exploring greater heights in the industry as well as setting a pace for the aspiring androgynous artists that may shy off from the cameras due to social expectations and normative. George claims that face makeup facilitates transformation that enables him to suit in different characters but also acts as a protection mask from public scrutiny (Dabu 2016). His fashion style shows originality, creativity, and passion for stunning looks. George’s style coincides with both his musical career as well as his life as a fashion icon since the 19th century when he began his career. His fashion statement communicates the need for owning someone’s fashion ideas, personality and having fun at the same time.

Fig 1.3 George in colored fake hair, skin, and eye makeup   Fig 1.4 George in a pop star look Mohawk, ear studs and studded leather jacket


Dabu, B. (2016). ‘Be proud of who you are’: Boy George on make-up, fashion, and haters. Retrieved July 26, 2016, from http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/570266/lifestyle/artandculture/boy-george-on-make-up-fashion-and-dealing-with-haters

Longhetti, C. (2016). A true Chameleon! Boy George swaps signature quirky style for demure black blazer with colorful buttons as he performs DJ set for Vivid Sydney. Retrieved July 26, 2016, from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3637628/Boy-George-tones-signature-quirky-style-wearing-demure-black-blazer-colourful-buttons-performs-DJ-set-Vivid-Sydney.html

Access a copy of Vogue and two or three other current editions of fashion magazines. 

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