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1 Who Has The Body? The Paths To Habeas Corpus Reform by Cary Federman

2.Sex Offender Laws: Can Treatment, Punishment, Incapacitation, And Public Safety Be Reconciled? by Mary Ann Farkas and Amy Stichman

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The court system is very vital for the maintenance of law and order in any country as well as the implementation of policies that are formulated to ensure that citizens live in harmony and peace. To be able to perform this duty, lawyers and judges have to undertake train which helps them to fully understand the laws of the country thus forming a strong foundation and base to make decisions. Moreover, criminology is an area of sociology that focuses on the study of crimes and their cause, effects, and social impacts (Taylor, 2016). Moreover, a criminologist has the duty and responsibility to analyze data to determine why crimes are committed and to examine and determine ways to predict, deter and prevent further criminal behavior. This paper will seek to give a reaction based on the text who has the body by carry Federman.

Question 1

The text says that the primary purpose of this article is to place the Antiterrorism and Effective capital punishment act within the political and historical framework. Moreover, the article says that the Supreme Court and other interested parties strive to restrict prisoner’s access to the federal court by way of habeas corpus. However, this is against the constitution which states that all individuals have freedom of expression and right of movement and thus prisoners should be given freedom to access federal court in the attempt to find justice. Moreover, the Congress is not fair to the humanity considering that the Congress seized the opportunity presented by terrorism acts to restrict death row prisoners from obtaining habeas corpus review. All individuals have a right to access to justice irrespective of the crime they have committed. Thus, a fair trial and access to federal court services should be made available to all prisoners and suspect. They also have a right to defend themselves in a court of law in the attempt to bring justice to all individuals.

Question 2

Section 2250 of title 18, United States Code makes it a federal offense for sex offenders required to register according to the sex offenders registration and notification act. Moreover, sex offenders who fail to register properly may face fines up to 10 years in prison. However, this is not fair to the defendant considering that he may fail to register and yet turn out to be innocent. As a matter of fact, sex offenders should be subjected to fair trials registered or not registered. Moreover, it might have been a one-time mistake and the offender may be a changed person and taking him to prison for ten years just because of incorrect registration is not fair. Sex offenders are viewed by the public and legislators as more objectionable, less treatable and more dangerous and more likely to recidivate than most other types of offenders, and this makes it easy for individuals to prejudge them (Stohr, 2012). As a result, they end up in prison without a fair trial, and they are separated and shunned out of social circles, and they are viewed to be more dangerous than murderous. Despite the crime committed, they are still human and should be treated with respect. Moreover, a show of little compassion would change the lives of these offenders to make them better people and change their ways. Psychological treatment of these offenders should be helpful as they are mostly cut from social circles.


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