Emergency Preparedness Drill Outline


Create a outline of the final part of your executive summary for review as part of the emergency management scenario. The outline should cover:
?Resource demobilization strategies
The summary outline can be in bullet point format and serves as a guide to be reviewed by the course instructor for preparation and feedback towards completion of the final executive summary.
I have provided the scenario in which this applies to.

Sample paper

Emergency Preparedness Drill Outline


Title: Emergency Preparedness Drill

     Flooding is one of the most common and costly natural disasters. This is mostly caused by heavy or prolonged rains which cause saturation in the ground.  Emergency management agencies should always be prepared to respond to such disasters which are unpredicted in most case. The sudden flooding of the North River after a hundred years emphasizes this fact even more. Disaster preparedness during flooding is essential because it provides resources to the first responders evacuation plans, basic supplies such as food, water, medication and shelter


  • The public should always be informed of such incidents which affect their day to day lives. The information should clearly communicate the details of the floods, the areas affected and the government’s plans to stop the situation. This information should be passed through dailies, radio and television which are accessible to everyone.
  • People should also be informed on how to act when flooding happens. For example, they should stay away from floodwaters since moving water above six inches can sweep someone away. Children should also be kept away from the water to avoid contamination.
  • When the disaster happens, the first responders should get on location as soon as possible. These include police officers, firefighters, volunteers and other officers.
  • Evacuation plans should be immediately enforced. When floods or flash floods happen, people should be evacuated and taken to a higher ground.
  • Law enforcement is responsible for ensuring that traffic flows smoothly and that there is peace so that people do not panic. . Fire fighters load sandbags to make sure that flooding does not persist. The EMS takes care of the injured and set up triage to treat the injured.
  • Disaster preparedness requires supplies are enough to make the exercise a success. There should be enough water and non perishable and easy to prepare food that can last for three days. There should be emergency contact information, baby supplies, blankets, sanitation items, first aid kits and medications that can last for at least seven days.
  • The government should immediately initiate recovery plans. This involves rebuilding damaged infrastructure such as roads, power lines, and sewerage facilities. It is important to ensure that the place is safe for human and livestock residence again.


Emergency management and response requires that the agencies involved have a good plan and enough resources to manage the situation. Preparedness should always be priority in order to manage emergency situations like the flooding in the North River.


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