Fashion review about AW 16 collection of AKEDO South Africa.


Please write a fashion review about AW 16 collection of AKEDO South Africa. Describe some details of these garments.You should remember that your writing is intended to be persuasive. Your piece should articulate a well-formulated, coherent, and well-defined opinion on the collection.

Again, any review that you write should not only demonstrate clearly that you viewed the collection, but should also demonstrate your knowledge of the designer and his/her previous collections.

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Given the level of competition in the fashion industry, designers need to go a step further t0o create something unique that is hard to duplicate. It is correct to say that AKEDO fashion designers have succeeded in creating unique clothes that are not easy to come and not easy to duplicate. With their uniqueness, these designers have taken the South African fashion industry by storm, mainly because there is a section of the population that likes to be unique and to stand out among their peers (Turker, 2014).

AKEDO fashion designers largely focus on designing sophisticated and highly unusual designs. To remain at the top of the chart and to gain a better competitive position, these designers creates incredible, stand out weird clothing that is still wearable for the general public. However, some of the clothes designed by this fashion group have some vintage aspects in them despite made in this century. Most of their clothes seem to be oversized, containing multiple colors while a section of them contains pictures of animals such as ducks. Nevertheless, AKEDO does not only design garments, but also designs shoes that are meant to match these weird clothes they design. Most of their designs are inspired by the fact that they want to create and develop something practical that can be worn across all ages and easy to use for those who like simplicity. Notably, these fashion designers focus on women’s clothing by finding the balance between sophistication and crazy clothing, but any person wearing these clothes cannot be described as overtly classic or weird but can only be said to stand out among her friends (Turker, 2014). Despite looking weird, these clothes are classic and elegant and bring out the simplicity and craziness in an individual.


Turker, D. &. (2014). Sustainable supply chain management in the fast fashion industry:              An analysis of corporate reports. European Management Journal, 32(5), , 837-849.


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