Fashion Review – Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Review – Milan Fashion Week

Marni fashion show at Milan Fashion Week provided a fantastic display of noteworthy collections by top designers. The Milan Fashion Week featured a diverse range of characterful models, and including veteran models such as Naomi Campbell (Mower, 2016). Contemporary stars such as Hadid Sisters also graced the event. The showcase of Marni’s collections happened to be on the final day of the Milan Fashion Week. The highlight of the collections was papery cotton suits donned in a variety of meted colors. The suits had characteristic wallpaper prints and huge pouf pockets attached to specially designed belts. The opening was quite spectacular, with a mix of different collections such as pants, tops, coats, skirts, and other items (Mower, 2016). Marni’s design exhibit creative designs with a tinge of architectural planes and embedded with innovative decorative designs that are surely breathtaking.

At the close of the show, some uniquely designed black dresses were presented, a clear indicator of Marni’s creativity and the ability to develop new designs. The black dresses look like some contemporary sculpture, with uniquely designed horizontal strips (Mower, 2016). The horizontal slits were large and tubular, which made them appear like paper lanterns. Some of the dresses had boxy-cut plisse pieces that were quite appealing. This was a show of creativity on Marni’s part. Marni’s collection of dresses stole the show with breathtaking designs such as billowy sleeves, asymmetric pleats, and drawstrings. Marni’s dress collections gave hints of borrowed designs from Greek classical sculptures, infused to produce beautiful pleats and other designs (Mower, 2016). A matchless assortment of colors was evident – ranging from chocolate, mint, white, bleached yellow, and raspberry.


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