Improvement Science Research Network.  Class is for Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL). I work at a VA Hospital


After assessing your microsystem, create a list of metric that includes how success will be measured and expected outcomes. 2. Select initiatives that will improve care and processes, and yield the greatest economic value. 3. How does the proposed project align with Improvement Science Research Network.  Class is for Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL). I work at a VA Hospital.


Improvement Initiative

It is important to develop metrics that can be used measuring success as well as expected outcomes in a health care setting. At VA Hospital, success and expected outcomes can be measured in the following ways:

  • The average wait time of patients.
  • The number of doctors per one thousand patient visitors.
  • Patients’ success on leaving VA Hospital. This can be assessed in terms of ability to find jobs, low home foreclosures, and ability to settle down.
  • More patients adopting healthy lifestyle changes and increasing preventive care.
  • Increased access to virtual care.
  • Overall patient safety during in-patient hospitalization.

There are a number of initiatives that can improve care and processes and lead to a higher economic value. Developing partnerships with other health care providers can greatly improve care and processes with regard to patients. No single healthcare provider has the resources or expertise necessary to fulfill the needs of every patient. Thus it is important doo develop relationships with external partners in order to provide quality care to patients. The second initiative is to improve operations so as to provide patients with seamless support. Integrated support can help improve the quality of care to patients. Application of information technology can help in providing seamless and integrated customer support. The last initiative involves empowering patients to improve their health and wellbeing.

The proposed project aligns with Improvement Science Research Network in that both seek to improve the quality of healthcare through research in different areas relating to healthcare. The goal of both is to provide strategies that can help in improving the healthcare system. The project focuses on not only improving the healthcare system but also the entire systems, policies and procedures used by hospitals.

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