Is Google Making Us Stupid?


Read The Norton Reader: “What Should a Billionaire Give—And What Should You?” Peter Singer, pp. 368; Respond to question #1;

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr, pp. 324; Respond to question #1

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Question 1

According to the author of the essay, “what should a billionaire give and what should you” Peter Singer, a collective effort from all individuals irrespective of their financial power in saving the world can yield more and better results rather than dividing the world and asking individuals to help the needy solely without help from others. However, despite the fact that his answer makes sense in that more people would benefit from our help if the entire world acts as a team, it will be unfair to those who have less compared to those who have plenty (Carr, 2008). Billionaires have enough money and resources to use and give to the needy compared to low and middle-class individuals in society. As a result, all people should do their part based on their power and abilities to help the world rather than waiting for the rich. A collective power and effort can work miracles.

Question 2

Nicholas Carr, the author of the easy “is Google making us stupid?” feels that in a significant way, Google is making scholars and students lazy to conduct researchers and read like there before. To justify his claims, Nicholas gives an example of Bruce Friedman who frequently blogs about the use of computers. According to Bruce, he has lost the capability to read and internalize long articles on the internet or printed (Carr, 2008,). Through the internet, scholars can efficiently and quickly search for relevant information. It worth admitting that despite the internet making people lazy when it comes to reading, it saves scholars a lot of time which is then used to further their research and studies.


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