Riding Dress Style in Wedding Fashion

Riding Dress Style in Wedding Fashion

Fig. 1.1: Elizabeth Ayers Riding Dress Style

The Riding Dress Style is a wedding dress designed by Elizabeth Ayers. The dress provides a wedding theme of black and white. Elizabeth Ayers was a horseback rider who felt the need to incorporate various aspects of the riding habit costume as part of her wedding dress. Ayers had trained in Theatre costume and thus it was not a very daunting task for her to develop a new design for her wedding dress. Ayers drew inspiration for making the dress from her riding habits. An Edwardian-style riding hat fully accessorizes the wedding dress. The wedding dress is worn over an Edwardian-style corset, which provides the dress with a perfect base and helps it fit tightly over the body. The designer uses smooth silk to make the dress and jacket. The smooth silk enables the dress to remain firm around the body.

Fig. 1.2: The traditional wedding dress

The traditional wedding dress for the horse lovers includes sophisticated designs. During the traditional period, women would only ride sidesaddle (Caroline, 2014). As such, the focus of the wedding dress design was to preserve a woman’s modesty. Traditional wedding dresses were made of sturdy and plush fabrics. Thick velvet was the common fabric that majority of the designers embraced. The traditional wedding dress came in colors that accentuated a woman’s coloring, and including that of the horse (Caroline, 2014). The image on the left clearly shows a traditional wedding dress, which flirters the woman’s color as well as that of the horse. A simple headgear makes the outfit outstanding, instead of wearing a cap.

Fig. 1.3: Headwear

The Riding Dress Style in fashion wedding requires an important accessory – the headwear. Over the recent past, few women are opting for hats to give the ultimate look while wearing the Riding Dress Style. According to Bianca (2015), only 13 percent of women surveyed said they would wear a hat, and about 71 percent of women saying they would wear a headgear. Nonetheless, a hat or headgear is critical when it comes to the Riding Dress Style. Smart hats can give a woman the ultimate look while preparing to walk down the aisle. One of the incredible hats in the modern wedding fashion is the Victorian-style riding hat. The hat’s design includes a beautiful brim that has a number of embellishments (Caroline, 2014). Attached to the brim are long shawled ribbons that drape over the back of the head. Some of the ribbons can also be made into a veil that covers part of the face. There is also an option for fixing lacing over the eyes. The hat clearly adds equestrian style to the Riding Dress Style.

Fig. 1.4: Modern Riding Dress Style

This is among the best Riding Dress Style designs for wedding fashion that incorporates a variety of accessories and features vital for the Riding Dress Style. Complete with a hat, the wedding dress clearly illustrates equine enthusiasm. Just like the traditional Ridding Dress Style, the dress accentuates the woman’s color as well as that of the horse.



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