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Faith Journey intersection and Collegiate goals


Describe in 300_500 words the intersection of your faith journey with your collegiate goals.

Sample paper

Faith Journey intersection and Collegiate goals

Considering that man is a spiritual and social being, religion and faith become very important in their lives. Irrespective of their religion and faith, any human being is keen to uphold all the rules and regulations of a particular religion as well as respect and honor all the practices. In most occasions, any living human being would seek to integrate what he or she learns from the Bible as well as their faith in most of their daily practice.  This assignment will attempt to show the intersection of my faith journey with my collegiate goals for the University.

Being a youth and aged 19 years old, I would say that I have a long journey ahead of me both spiritually and academically. However, I would say that’s choosing Christianity and being a strict follower of the seventh day Adventist, the member is the best thing has ever happened to me. Religion and faith in their own way help to keep in check the morality of a person as well as the ability to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. In additional, through faith, I believe I will go to make it and achieve my academic goals of becoming a professor, primarily because the Bible says that faith can move mountains and what we believe in truth and spirit we are going to achieve. It is correct to say that we can all have goals, but God gives us the energy and wisdom as well as protection from all dangers to achieve these goals.  As a result, the Bible teaches me how to honor and pray to God so that He can help me achieve my goals basically because nothing is impossible without faith and God. Faith and religion are the background of all good deeds and helps to keep all evil away while at the same time giving motivation in my academics.