This first essay is more of a creative writing assignment, and it is that I want you to write the last two pages of the book. Essentially, based off what you’ve read so far I would like you to guess how the book will end and write your version of the final two pages.

Think about Cormac McCarthy’s writing style and try to reflect that in your own work.

Sample paper


The road is a story of a father and a son in the apocalypse world trying to survive in the wake of a disaster. The two characters in the essay are always on the road moving from one place to another in search for something to eat or live and to avoid calamity. From the description given in the essay, it is easy to tell that there is no life in the environment used to set the essay as the author clearly states that everything is in ashes and there is no life, especially in the town. As a result, the father and the son have to move from point to point to get a life and live a decent life although the boy is pessimistic about their survival especially on those cold days.  There is strong love between them, and clearly, they miss their earlier life and their family members. Additionally, they live the moment considering that they are not sure that they will live to see the next day.

From the last extract of the essay, the father has found the house in which he grew up, and this is a positive piece of news for both the son and the father. Having found their way back to the old man’s house, there is a high likelihood that they will survive the harsh weather conditions and the reality of life.  Having lived here in his childhood, the father knows the area and the house inside out, and of course, they have a roof over their heads which eventually protects them from the rain. The house is a symbol of hope for the pair to continue surviving and finding a way to live.

Additionally, finally, they have a place where they can call home which is near the lake with water. If they can work with what they have access to right now, there is a high chance that they settle here and grow their own crops for food and thus avoid starvation. Besides, considering that he knows the place very well, the father is likely to show his son the way out of their troubled life and get their life on track again.  From the earlier part of the easy, it was clear that the father was always positive of their situation despite having several challenges at hand. Often, he encouraged his son when it seemed that he had lost faith. With the house and the lake, he should be more positive about their current situation and believe that they should make it alive.

Notably, with the river close to them, they can repair the small pleasure boat half sunken in the water to travel from one point to another and then come back home. With the boats, they can travel up and down the river in search of food and other survival necessities to enable them to live a decent life and happy. Moreover, if they embrace what they possess and learn how to make them better for their use, they have a good chance of making it.

In conclusion, it is correct to say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the son and the father and now more than ever in the story, they seem to be in a good position. If they survived camping in the rain, they surely would survive this.


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