This Is Tossing


  1. Chris Wiewiora uses sensory language – specifically sight, sound, touch and visual cues – to help readers imaginatively experience the process of tossing a pizza crust. Locate places in the essay where his use of sensory language helps you imagine this process clearly.
  2. In essay form, and using sensory language like the kind you read in this story, write your own story about teaching someone to do something.

Sample paper

This Is Tossing

Question 1

Sensory language is one of the widely used styles of writing as it helps the readers to create mental pictures which help them to understand a piece of writing better. In his work, This Is Tossing Chris Wiewiora has widely used this language and below are some examples.

  1. To describe the coupling of moving plates without turning the other, the author uses the terms swivel the swivel plate. This phrase creates a mental picture in the mind of the reader on the movement of the hotplates full of dough (In Hughes, 2013).
  2. To describe the nature and type of the music coming from the restaurant, the author states that when a person walks in, in between the err-err blasting through the restaurant sound system. The word blasting helps to create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind of the strength and the loudness of the music coming out of the restaurant sound system.

Question 2

Jason who always comes to school wearing a soft sweater could not concentrate in class. He knew that his loving parents were throwing a party for his birthday and could not help but keep staring at the oversized black clock in the classroom. Jason vigorously snapped his favorite mint gum while simultaneously clicking over the desk with his nails like tap-dancing beetles. Time seemed to stand still and take on a new stretched-out dimension during the last ten minutes of the lesson. An anxious percussion ensemble accompanying his wait was vivid like a black spot in a white t-shirt (In Hughes, 2013). Finally, when the class was over, he quickly packed his books in his elegant backpack, and with a supersonic speed he left the class never to be seen in the school compound till the following day.



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